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Humans 2.0 | Mind Upgrade

Our 21st Century world is changing fast. Humans 2.0 is about embracing and truly understanding what you know is inside you deep down.
This podcast is a one-stop shop for all of your technological self-development needs. If you are looking for an audio-companion to support you on your own Hero’s journey, then look no further. I believe the key to learning is to understand different perspectives and thought paradigms, from brilliant experts around the world.
Subjects of discussion include embarking on the hero’s journey of purpose, inner life, mental toughness, practical skills, mindfulness, and many more topics that will shatter your perceptual apparatus.
What you feed your mind every day will shape your future.
Listening to this podcast will strengthen your mind, thoughts, and beliefs.
Leave behind the everyday mundane trivialities of your average human version 1.0, and meta-learn your way into becoming a human version 2.0 with a newly upgraded guest in each episode.