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Legends and Losers

What is 4-Star General Stanley McChrystal’s biggest regret? How did Ann Muira-Ko go from photo copier to one of the "most powerful women in startups”? Why do Navy Seals meditate? And how angel investor Jason Calacanis turned $100K into $100Million.


On Legends and Losers amazing people open up about what they learned from losing to become legendary. Eavesdrop on daring dialogues with entrepreneurs, technology leaders, authors, Superior Court judges, Super Bowl champions, terrorist negotiators and recovering alcoholics that are shaping our world. This show will spark your spirit, stoke your perseverance, make you love your failures, and forge your inner legend all while keeping you laughing. The salty language and whiskey-soaked mind of our host, Christopher Lochhead, really ties this “oddcast” together.

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