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Significance Breeds Success

I wake up every day with a smile on my face to be thankful about my life.
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Daniel is an advocate for education as a daily learner, while his vision is to create inspired, passionate, loving youth who are committed to lead significant and purpose driven lives! He is an author, professional speaker, and professional athlete, all of which play a key role in his unique approach to working alongside youth, parents, educators, community members and business leaders in order to provide long term and sustainable results within our schools and businesses in our communities. He travels around the world leading school assemblies, workshops, training seminars and keynote speaking presentations that focus on providing people with the tools and resources needed to be effective mentors.

Daniel’s focus and love is being the Founder & CEO of his 501(c)3 Non-Profit that he founded in 2010, My Life My Power World Inc. (MLMP), which provides an evidence-based curriculum and training program to PreKindergarten to 12th grade Schools and Universities who have a desire to impact and transform their student’s lives through mentoring. Over the last few years he has also expanded his expertise into the for-profit world and has now founded 3 more companies. He is currently serving as the CEO of Transformational Technologies®, GPS For® LLC, and Co-Founder/Partner of My Life My Brand LLC.

While Daniel’s background is that of a professional athlete (Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Champion of WWE’s Tough Enough Competition), he goes on to tell his story of overcoming challenges and adversity when he was younger. While growing up, he was bullied and harassed almost daily by his peers because he was overweight and labeled with learning disabilities. Over a decade later, and after much success, he decided to use his celebrity title in a way that could truly make a difference for children and teenagers who themselves are facing challenges - not just bullying. Thus, My Life My Power began and since then, Daniel has made it his life’s mission to be build the next generation of mentors that can impact millions of our youth!
ACCOMPLISHMENTS Because of Daniel’s dedication to youth, he has received numerous awards such as Humanitarian of the Year Award for the Golden Badge Foundation, Honorary Service Award from the California Parent Teacher Association, sworn into the United States Marine Corp League in 2015, sworn in as a Kentucky Colonel in 2016, and Humanitarian of the Year Award for Heroes For Freedom in 2017.
Roddia Paul is Roddia is the Directory of Poetry and a public speaker for My Life My Power. As a child, Roddia became best friends with parental infidelity, divorce, peer-bullying, financial struggle and self-hate. Today, they have molded her into a passionate, committed, loving and dynamic woman. She consistently uses her past experiences to help her empower youth in schools, foster care, and juvenile halls. Roddia will be graduating in May of 2018 with a B.S. in Psychology and Forensic Studies and looks forward to going on to graduates school in August of 2018 and pursuing a Masters in Forensic Psychology and her Doctorates in Clinical Forensic Psychology. Roddia aspires everyday to inspire and be inspired by others. She has learned to reclaim her misfortunes into the fortune that they are and live everyday with the understanding that adversity inspires purpose. Ultimately, her greatest success
is her ability to impact others with her significance
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