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The $100 MBA Show

This show was awarded Best of iTunes back in 2014 and is still a clear favorite among entrepreneurs. Omar Zenhom’s business lessons are straightforward and always practical. In The $100 MBA Show, he takes some of the best lessons and examples from The $100 MBA community and condenses them into short episodes. He also interviews top experts and guest teachers, but they don’t come to share their backstories or even to promote themselves; they come to teach you about business. If you’re looking for fluff-free lessons in productivity, this podcast is for you.


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Q&A Wednesday: How much should I spend on my logo? -


In this episode, Zenhom talks about freelance graphic designers and the cost of creating a logo for your brand.


“When you pay for a logo, you’re not just paying for the time it takes to make it. You’re paying for the expression of what you do - and that’s worth getting right.”

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